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10.30.21- Tarryn Aimée

Most flowers in the garden of song are seasonal. Perennials, like Tarryn Aimée, are much rarer. Seasonals, you see, write for the moment. Perennials endure. That’s why people can still sing along to tunes by Irving Berlin or the Gershwin brothers from a century ago. Tarryn’s songs are relevant, not just to listeners today but also to anyone in years to come who appreciates timeless quality. From the very first notes of her latest release, “It Came To Me” (produced by Jim Reilley of The New Dylans), the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s originals sound like classics, each one of them rendered with uncommon sensitivity and nuance. And in her live show you will hear not only her “classics” but many well-known and beloved songs from various genres and decades.

Tarryn is a two-time winner in the International Acoustic Music Awards, and several of her songs have also placed as finalists in competitions including the USA Songwriting Competition. With Nashville songwriters Steve Dean and Wil Nance, she penned “Expecting Good Things,” the title track of Jeff and Shari Easter’s Grammy and Dove nominated album, and their song was also performed live on the Gaither Homecoming CD and DVD set “Majesty”.

Raised in a musical family in Indiana, Tarryn performed regularly with her sister and mom at churches, corporate events, and private parties. Her earliest days of singing included country, gospel, and pop standards, and she later grew to learn and love the jazz standards we call the American Songbook. With diverse influences including Dolly Parton, Allison Krauss, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Norah Jones, Tarryn’s music is appreciated by listeners young and old.

As one of her fans said, Tarryn’s voice is like “a breath of fresh air”, resonating with a pure clarity. She is a regular on Tuesdays at the Franklin Puckett’s… come and be refreshed by her unique blend of music!

“Tarryn Aimée is an intimate, organic vocalist that hits it out of the park right from the start… knows just the right way to wrap your ears around her little finger. Sensitive and loaded with the kind of chops talent show contestants could learn a thing or two from, this singing writer is knowledgeable way beyond her years and shares it with us in fine form.”- The Midwest Record


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